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Welcome to Paws Kingdom. Our idea is to create a platform where every pet has a place, and where people can stay and learn absolutely everything about their most adorable members of the house. The information you are getting here is completely authorized and verified with complete accuracy. No information here is unfaithful or misleading.

Building trust is the most important part of any relationship, and that is what we are striving for here with our customers and readers. You only be receiving quality and standards.
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I adopted my first dog (Golden retriever) in 2019 named him “Biu biu”. The first time when i saw him all cute, adorable and complete innocence in the cruel world, I fell in love and just after that the feelings only grew stronger. I went to purchase him with my friend and it was winter so i wore a big jacket, after picking him up from the breeder put him inside my hoodie jacket to keep him warm. I did everything a dad would do and it was my first time so i was not great not even good but i gave my 3000. A connection between a pet and owner is only be understood by them. Internet was my tutor, from where i get all my questions cleared but some times it felt hard to find some solutions or answers for some of my questions. Later i decided that since there are good platform for the pet but it’s hard to get all the answers and knowledge in just one place so i created Paws Kingdom.

This platform is not a business for me rather bridge of connection between pet and owner.

Author and Biu Biu
Author and Biu Biu
Biu Biu
Biu Biu
Biu Biu
Biu Biu


For any query please reach out to me : developerzudio@gmail.com

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