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The curly hair tarantula actual name is Tlitocatl albopilosus(previously know as Brachypelma albopilosum),  this is a species of tarantula. This species has native range from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. Curly hair Tarantula is really dark in appearance with thick hair covering its legs, and most of its body. You will be shocked to know that they do have some of the longest hair in their species. They  can be 4-5 inches long with leg span of 5-6inches. This species is now split into two breeds with Honduran curly in one and Nicaraguan/Costa Rican in the other.

curly hair tarantula

                                               Image by Jerome Diño 


curly hair tarantula

As a pet Tarantula is quite, relaxed and easy to care pet and will only move when its time to hunt for its prey or rearranging some objects for its home, Otherwise it just sits quietly. Curly hair tarantula possess venom and if they felt threatened they can kick hairs off their abdomens that irritate person’s skin and cause damage if they get in eyes. Thats why its really necessary to wash your hands after touching it.  So even if you hold it in your hand then hold it with complete calm and slow. Be very careful when holding it in your hand because if it slips and falls then it can seriously injure or probably kill them.


You can use either a vent or dill or melt vent holes into the side and or top of the enclosure. You can fell with some coco fiber, a fake plant.

For an adult move your curly hair tarantula to 3 – 6 gallon enclosure secured and ventilated lid. They are not big climbers so ground space is more important. Keep the temperature between 75 to 80 fahrenheit. You can use heating pad to maintain the temperature. And make sure to keep the tank away from direct sunlight. Although Curly hair tarantula need humidity level to around 60 % – 70 % which can be measure by hygrometer.


When its come to feeding first thing to remember is always feed them something which is smaller in size when they are baby like fruit flies, flour beetles or pre killed small crickets. And if you have any prey which is bigger in size then you should probably just cut it in smaller pieces.

For adults you can easliy feed your pet 4 – 5 large crickets, or sometimes meal worms or roches every 2 weeks. And can be cut down to once a month when it seems less interested in food, but make sure to give some varieties in food.

Tarantula’s are highly active in evening so its better to feed them in evening and always remove unwanted prey or leftover within 24 hours before giving them something. Curly hair tarantula usually get hydrated with food only but still you should provide a shallow fish of water in the enclosure and change the water on regular basis.


Male reach sexual maturity around the age of 5-8 years and female reach around 3-4 years.

Female curly hair tarantulas lay around 300-500 eggs each year. The sac is incubated in her nest for 7 – 8 weeks. Like the other animals curly hair tarantula also have season when the urge to need mate is at peak, they become most highly active in the months of september and october.

The life span of curly hair tarantula is actually depends on the gender. Females can live upto 20 years and males can live upto 10 years. And thats why most people prefer to pet females as they live longer.


Curly hair tarantula growth rate?

Curly hair tarantula growth rate is fast. They can grow to size of around 6 inches leg span which is 15.24 cm. So maintain the feeding accordingly.

Curly hair tarantula price?

It can be around $30 to $50.

Best place to buy tarantulas online?

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