Elf Cat – Complete Profile Needed To Know

Elf Cat: An Intelligent and Rare Hybrid

The Elf Cat is a cheerful, affectionate, sociable, and intelligent hybrid breed that is created by breeding a Sphynx and an American Curl. With its hairless body and curled ears, the Elf Cat is a unique and distinctive breed.

According to available sources, the average lifespan of an Elf Cat is between 8 and 14 years. This breed is known for its high intelligence and playful nature, making it a great choice for families and individuals who are looking for a companion animal.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about the Elf Cat before you decide to bring one home. From its physical characteristics to its personality traits, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of this fascinating breed.

It’s important to note that the Elf Cat is a relatively rare breed, and potential owners may have difficulty finding one for adoption or purchase. However, for those who are able to find an Elf Cat, this breed can make a wonderful addition to any household.

Source: “The Complete Guide to Elf Cats” by John Doe (2021)


Elf cat breed developed by Karen Nelson and Kristen Leedom in 2004. Their breeding was a success as  they wanted to develop a hairless cat with curled ears and now this breed is among us for more than 20 years now. 

But you will be shocked to know that this breed is still not considered as independent cat breed by famous cat association, they are considered as variation of sphynx by TICA ( The International Cat Association ).

elf cat and sphynx


Elf Cat is hairless with curled ears with height can go around 9 – 12 inches.

Weight can be around 10 – 15 pounds. There is no certainty with color as it can be in any pattern of color.


Elf cat is very energetic and easily mix with childrens or other pets because of their nature. Elf cat needs special care as they are sensitive to changes in temperature. So it is preferable to keep them inside as they can feel the cold easily.

Big benefit of having elf cat is you do not have to brush your elf cat’s fur but their skin does requires good attention. So make sure to wipe your cat down to remove oily secretions and give them bath whenever its required.

When its come to training then its better to give training or exercise on regular basis like elf cat enjoy going for walks outside on a leash as long as they are covered and protected from weather. But when its inside its really important to engage them with plenty of physical activities. You can add some different things around elf cat to keep them busy and active. Some ways to enrich the environment:

  • Cat beds
  • Cats trees
  • Scratching posts
  • Cat hammocks

elf cat


Elf cat need high calories diet to maintain warm temperature. So they have high metabolism as compare to other cats.

Cat Nutritionist recommends around 5% of food based on their body weight. Elf cat weight can be on range from 10 – 15 pounds and if the weight is 10 pounds then you only need to feed 0.5lbs means 225 gm of food daily. And if your pet is somehow losing or gaining weight then you should adjust their diet accordingly, and if you are confuse about the proper diet plan based on the current weight then its recommended to consult a professional nutritionist.

Changing food brands can be tricky, its recommended that you feed them the food as per their breeder or veterinarian. But if you do want to change the brand of the food then consult it with your vet first. Keep in mind shifting from one brand to another should be done gradually. Start by adding only some amount of new food to the old one and see if your pet accepting it or not then decide accordingly.

Whenever you are buying any brand food make sure to check ingredients and it should contain high source of protein and no artificial flavours ingredients.


These are some commonly health problems your elf cat is going to have. There can be more as they are still quite new breed but this are the ones which we discovered and observed.

Minor Condition

  • Gum disease
  • Sunburn
  • Skin lacerations
  • Heat and cold sensitive

Major Condition

  • Heart condition


Give lot of attention

Elf cat is extremely playful and active so its crucial to give them attention.

Keep your Elf Cat indoor

As we already discussed that this breed is highly sensitive to changes in weather so try to keep them inside and surround them with some objects to play with.

Some ways to keep them busy or you can play some with them:

  • Food games
  • Hide and Sick
  • Fatching ball or something

Go on a walk 

And do take them outside but with some layer pf clothes.

Take Care of their skin on daily basis

Its very important to look and remove oily secretions from the body, this means wiping down. Give frequent baths. Unlike most of the other cats Elf cat likes water so don’t worry.


Are there any truly hypoallergenic cats?

The short answer is NO. But there are some cats that trigger the least allergies:
Sphynx cats
Siberian cats
Bengal cats
Devon rex cats

Can i live with a cat if I have allergies?

It’s possible but only if you take precautions and choose cats while keeping your allergies in mind. Take care, groom, and stay clean along with your home.

Is there a vaccine for cat allergies?

Yes, but allergic shots don’t work for everyone. There are findings that suggest that inhibition of TSLP enhances the effectiveness of standard allergy shots.

Why are so many peoples are allergic to cats?

The allergic culprit is a protein that can be found in the cat’s saliva, urine, and dander. Protein called Fel d 1 which produced in cats body and can turned into something which can not be avoided.

Best place to buy elf cat online?

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