German shepherd – All Questions Answered

How fast can a german shepherd run?

Top speed of german shepherd is 30 miles/hour (48 km/h).
This breed is the most preferred choice for military and police work because of their intelligence (one of the most smart breed), speed, obedient and loyal.

Do german shepherds like water?

german shepherd

German shepherd is an athlete breed, and the most active breed so they are likely to love water and with another skill of great swimmers. Water is not just about desire, it is also a necessity as it influences the metabolism process.
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Are german shepherds hypoallergenic?

Short answer is NO.
If you are allergic suffer then this breed is bad news for you. They can trigger any mild to severe allergic reaction.

How allergic person can adopt a german shepherd?

Its a big NO for allergic person but if you still want to adopt them then i recommend grooming them daily, and train them on what to do and what not, they are quick learner so you dont have to worry about that.

Can german shepherds swim?

They are incredibly strong swimmers, being one of the most energetic and athletic breeds. In fact, swimming is an excellent activity for them. However, I advise ensuring that they take breaks in between, as continuous activity without rest can be hazardous to their health due to fatigue.

Why do german shepherds whine?

german shepherd

This is very normal behavior for any dog, Most of the time they whine because either they want something or attention or maybe to be let outside. And sometimes they aggressively behave like that if they are really bored or frustrated.
Pay attention to your dog to know what exactly they mean like if you have their toys beside you then it means they are asking for it, if this is their food time then they are hungry so they started whining.

How much exercise does a german shepherd need?

It can be around at least 2 – 3 hours of daily exercise. But if you are a working person then the least you can do is to give them enough toys to play with or make your garden like some small play area and if you have a swimming pool then it is a great plus point as they love water.

When do german shepherds calm down?

Based on my personal shepherd they will calm down at around 3 – 4 years of age. But keep in mind german shepherd is the most active and energetic dog so sometimes it can take much longer to calm but eventually, they will.

Is 20 degrees too cold for a german shepherd?

No, Their tolerance level is way high but after 40° Fahrenheit ( 5° celsius) you should take your dog inside.

When do german shepherds go into heat?

They will go into heat after 6 months. But in only some cases they can go into heat before 6 months of their age. Some signs you should know so that you can understand their behavior change are licking their genital area a lot, a large red swollen vulva, weening more than usual, and bleeding from the vulva.

Do german shepherds have webbed feet?

The short answer is NO since german shepherds are bred for herding.

Do german shepherds like to cuddle?

Yes, German shepherds are really affectionate and loving, i won’t say they are attention seekers like husky but yes they do love to cuddle because it makes them feel secure, loved and protective. It’s their language to say I love you.

How high can a german shepherd jump?

5 – 6 feet at least they can jump easily as they come from the military and police background. They are really energetic and active so jumping at this height is not a question for them.

How to potty train a german shepherd puppy?

– First thing you need to understand is to follow the exact same – – Routine at the same time daily if needed set reminders.
– Always use a specific door when you are taking outside.
– I prefer to make a spot outside, a potty area for your dog.
– Always take them outside in every 2 – 3 hours with a lease on and let them wander there until they are done.
– Notice their potty timing.
– Reward them with treats when they do it outside.
– If they accidentally did inside your home then scold them a little so that they can understand that this upsets you.

Can german shepherds eat bananas?

Yes, they love banana and it also safe, in fact bananas can be a great alternative for the treat. But there is a limit on how much you can be fed them on a daily basis, an adult can eat half of the banana and puppies can eat up to 1 – 2 pieces a day.

Do german shepherds get along with cats?

Yes, German shepherd can easily get along with cats but with proper training otherwise they can harm your cat.

Do german shepherds howl?

Yes, German shepherd does howl a lot, it can be for many reasons : 
– Sometimes because of boredom or excitement 
– Channeling their inner wolf
– A way of warning someone that they are reaching his/her territory
– When seeking attention

How often should you bathe a german shepherd?

2 – 3 months is fine. Unlike humans or some breeds german shepherd don’t need to be bathed often. And if you are brushing them more than twice a week then you can wait longer for a bath.

How to clean german shepherd ears?

Vinegar diluted with water is recommended. Using a soft cotton cloth, calmly wipe down the outer area of the ear and his/her inner ear canal.
But if you have ear cleaning solution then squeeze a few drops of cleanser directly and then start massaging the base of the ear with your hand.
But still it will be better if you check with your vet first.

When is national german shepherd day?

May 10
May 10 is the national german shepherd day since 2001. Created by facebook page, founded to honor the late GSD Peter George de Corban.

Why do german shepherds tilt their heads?

According to research some dogs can actually understand what we are saying, when they started tilting their head it is a way of showing curiosity about what you are saying. They are actually trying to understand you. Sometimes the reason of tilt the head is an unusual sound, It can grab their attention easily.

Can a german shepherd kill a wolf?

No, unexpected answer huh? Actually wolf are bigger and stronger with their bit force. Wolf is not considered as pet animal in general so they tend to live in a harsh environment, they fight to live and survive so its pretty obvious that wolf can easily kill a german shepherd.

Can german shepherds eat apples?

Yes, Apples are rich in nutrition with low calories and fat so this can be great snacks or treat for GSD.

How to make german shepherd back legs stronger?

The short answer is walking and exercise with a good diet is more than enough to make your german shepherd’s back legs stronger.

Can german shepherds eat strawberries?

Yes, strawberries are safe for your german shepherd but not canned or in form of syrup. Strawberries are full of fibers and vitamin C so its very healthy and tasty food for them.

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