Husky Chihuahua Mix – Complete Guide And Info

One of the most rarest and shocking mix in dog breeds history. Husky chihuahua mix is quite new to the world so it might be little difficult to get every inch details about Husky chihuahua mix but do not worry we got you covered, Just go through this article and you will be ready buy one if you want.

You might be wondering how unexpected this is because it’s not natural but with Science or to be more precise with IVF it got created. As it is quite new so unofficially this hybrid is called as Huskyhuahua or Husky-Chi for now. Some people even think that this hybrid actually does not exist but breaking the ice by it does exist just like any other hybrid dog.

There are some nicknames Husky chihuahua mix got over time : 

  1. Chihuahua Husky (Husky Chihuahua)
  2. Huskyhuahua
  3. Chi Husky
  4.  Husky-Chi 

Siberian husky

Siberian husky

When people are talking about luxurious and strikingly marked coats, lovable and with amazing intelligence level then Siberian husky will be the first thought. Extremely affectionate love to spend time with the owner. Siberian husky looks made them a clear choice for any dog lover especially their wolf looks and eye color. Siberian husky has thick warm fir coat and because of that they can stay warm in really chill climates. They can stay well in both colder and warmer weather which makes them even more special.

Let’s talk about their eye in a little more detail, This breed comes in 7 different eye colors which are black, grey, sable, red, white, agouti and brown, and agouti is the most popular choice for everyone. They also have heterochromia condition where they inherit different color eyes, Quite interesting right.



When it come to small dog chihuahua might be the first breed that will come to your mind because of their popularity. They have a great personality with yippy bark. They might be small in size but don’t underestimate them, they have attitude much bigger than husky which makes them harder to train.

They can live upto 15 – 20 years if they are well cared so the owner can enjoy their unique company for a longer period. But they are aggressive and quite to tricky breed to understand.


A fact that might blow your mind is, According to many peoples Chihuahua is the first bred by the people of Toltec civilization. Later they got adopted by the Aztecs. Aztecs worshiped Chihuahua as gods.

Siberian husky was always the mother which is kind of obvious based on chihuahua’s size.


husky chihuahua mix

In most cases this Husky chihuahua mix breed has mid-length hair. This breed looks quite different because of the height difference, One has really great height as a dog and another one is just half the size. Although they look cute and because of the attractive eye which they got from husky makes them even more precious. There are not many physical similarities between them and it is quite expected.

Husky chihuahua mix height can be around 10 – 17 inches and for the weight it can be around 17 – 25 pounds. There can be a lot of variations in size some can be small and a few can be larger. The nose color is dark with erect ears.

Behavior and Personality

 By nature husky chihuahua mix are quite an attention seekers like huskies and really adorable which might steal your heart when you get along with them. Although it will be a tough job for a freshly new owner to handle them because of their inherited attitude and quite aggressive nature from chihuahua. 

In short Husky chihuahua mix are active, affectionate, intelligent, bossy and stubborn by temperament. 

Some of this breed can be shy and reserved which is again another thing which inherited from chihuahua while others are completely opposite just like huskies. Here is a question that you might be thinking about right now, How can we know what kind of personality a Husky chihuahua has before adopting one. So the simple solution is to just meet their parent and then chose what kind of Husky chihuahua you want.

But what’s common in all kinds of Husky chihuahua is that they are really friendly and get along very easily. Mostly dogs and cats are their best friend but it’s important to introduce them to other pets at an early age itself, this also helps them to enhance their socializing quality and the best part of this breed is they are really protective of their pack.


Grooming actually depends on the type of coat color and the length of hair. Shredding is common for almost all dogs but husky chihuahua mix does not shred like their parent husky. But still i suggest you to brush them 3 – 4 times a week this will prevent them from shredding and their coat will be healthy and shiny.

Start from the head and be careful with sensitive areas like eyes and ears. Bathe them once or a maximum of twice a week with shampoo suggested by the vet. But always look for the nails and trimmed it whenever it’s necessary.

NOTE : To maintain their coat in the top-notch condition it’s important to give them a professional attention once or twice a year.

Health conditions

Health issues are common in all breeds of dogs but issues can be differed from breed to breed but by taking care of them with proper grooming, healthy food and regular exercise you can minimize the health issues and keep them happy and healthy.

Some breeds can cause serious problems to allergic owners so I always recommend to be selective when it comes to adopting any kind of pet. And meet with their parents to see if they have a healthy medical history and only then decide what you need to do.

Some of the common health issues you will be facing with Husky chihuahua are:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Collapsing trachea
  • Heart disease
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Liver shunt
  • Luxating patella
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Cataracts
  • Dental problems

Training and Exercise

Early-age training and exercise are very crucial for their behavior and healthy relationships with owners. And it also helps them to improve their socializing skills with any other pets. Both parents are well-known for obedience and intelligence so it will be easy to make them learn something if this pet is not your first one otherwise it can be a handful and quite difficult to train them because one of the parent chihuahua is bossy in nature so this quality got inherited by husky chihuahua mix too. But also they are fun loving and an amazing companion so you will not regret after taking one home.

Here are some key things you can try with husky chihuahua mix to train them : 

  • First thing you need to understand is that don’t be harsh with them which can be frustrating for you and your dog.
  • Always have some reinforcements to make them feel rewarded like treats, praises and belly rubs. This also makes them realize that they are doing a good job.
  • Try to start their training with easy commands like sit, run and jump and if they are not able to understand then try to make them see any video or you can do it too in front of them so that they can understand what is the action they need to do when you say the word.
  • After easy commands try to give them some different and difficult commands like spin, grab the ball and so on. Keep in mind whenever they are following your commands reward them with treats or pet them.
  • If you have garden then make it a small play area for your dog but keep the door shut. It’s very important to keep them in boundaries when they are under training, although you can always take them outside for a run or walk with a lease on.
  • Keep in mind that sometimes training a pet can be exhausting and frustrating when they don’t listen to you and when it comes down to Husky chihuahua mix training will be difficult as they are quite stubborn but you need to be firm and patient it will take some time and consistency and they will come around.
  • Sometimes you have to show your dog who is the real boss around here, a little fear for you is also very important to make listen to you. 


Just like other pets husky chihuahua mix also has some specific food requirements which you need to keep in mind. As husky chihuahua mix is still quite new to the market so there is a lot of mixing and trial going on. Maintaining proper health is directly proportional to a healthy diet so always make sure of what to give to your little companion to keep the energy up and active. This breed is prone to weight gain so maintaining their diet is very crucial. 

So to prevent overeating I recommend feeding them twice a day. Their food should be : 

  • High in protein
  • Low fat
  • Rich with nutrition

There are some great recommendations with high-quality food brands for your Chihuahua Husky : 

  • Hill’s Science Adult 7+ Active Longevity Chicken Mean, Rice & Barley Dry Dog Food
  • Weruva Caloric Melody Natural
  • IAMS Proactive Health Adult Minichunks Dry Dog Food.


Husky chihuahua mix can live up to 13 – 17 years. Generally most of the mixed breed’s lifespan is just like this only but again this also depends upon the genes and health status.

5 reasons why you should take husky chihuahua mix to your home :

  1. If you want a rare and amazing appearance dog.
  2. If you want your dog to live longer.
  3. If you want your dog to be Intelligent and bossy.
  4. If you want your dog to be an attention seeker and cuddler. Because this breed will take a lot of your time.
  5. If you want your dog to be very active and outgoing.

5 reasons why you should not take husky chihuahua mix to your home

  1. If you are a working person and can not be able to give much time.
  2. This breed has a lot of health issues as they are a rare breed it might be difficult for you to find the right solutions for them
  3. Quite aggressive and hard to train.
  4. Husky chihuahua mix is quite reserved and prone to nipping.
  5. Might not be the best friend for your children if not trained right.

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How big will a Husky Chihuahua mix get?

10 – 17 inches they can be as for height and for weight it can be around 17 – 25 pounds.

What is a husky chihuahua mix called?

The most common name is Huskyhuahua but there are other names also by which people calls them : 
– Chihuahua Husky (Husky Chihuahua)
– Chi Husky
– Husky-Chi

Is Chihuahua a smart dog?

You should not doubt Chihuahua when it comes to intelligence, they are quick and eager to respond. Although they are quite bossy and difficult to train.

Can Chihuahuas breed with Huskies?

Huskyhuahua is the best answer to this question. It is completely possible and this breed already exists but is rare. Although some people still don’t believe in their existence.

Chihuahua husky mix puppies for sale?

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