Sable German Shepherd – Absolute Info About Sable

Let’s start with an interesting fact Sable german shepherd has the origin color of the german shepherd breed. This breed is really special and you gonna learn why! 

Sable german shepherd is not a crossbreed but a well-recognized variation within the breed.

The Sable German Shepherd is an exceptional breed mostly known for its striking looks, cunning, and loyalty. These dogs are distinguished from other German Shepherds by their distinctive sable coat, and their amiable and protective attitude makes them a popular option for families and individuals looking for a completely reliable companion.

Male Sable german shepherd height can be around 24-25 inches tall whereas for female Sable german shepherd height is 24 inches. Now for the weight of the fully grown male can be 65 – 90 lbs and female weight can be around 50-70lbs.

You will be shocked to know that there are 15 colours of german shepherd:

  • Black and Tan 
  • Pure Black
  • White
  • Purple 
  • Blue
  • Isabella
  •  Grey
  • Silver
  • Black and Red
  • Sable
  • Black and Silver
  • Bicolor
  • Black and Cream
  • Panda
  • Albino

So if you are looking for a bit different and special “sable german shepherd” is a way to go!


Black tan german shepherd
Black tan German Shephard
Black red german shepherd

Black red German Shephard
Black German Shephard

Black German Shephard
Long hair German Shephard

Long hair German Shephard
White German Shephard

White German Shephard
Blue German Shephard

Blue German Shephard


History From Herding Sheep to Saving the Day

Sepal was the first german shephard. Going back to 1800s in germany this breed was known as “Herding heep” tasked with keeping flocks of sheep in line and keeping the farmer’s stress levels down.  But as they say, the proof of the pup is in the pudding, and it didn’t take long for people to realize these dogs were pretty smart cookies!

In 1800s, Max von Stephanitz was attending the largest show in the country and got paid for the most brilliant dog in the area. He named is dog Horand von Grafrath then after a month he founded the first  german shepherd club.

Later von Stephanitz classified his pet as service dog and german shepherd became the first working dog in the history.


First thing you need to know is that sepal german shepherd shred alot, so if you are suffering from allergies then i prefer you to opt in for medium length coats.

Now as this breed shed very profusely so you need to brush them frequently to maintain the coat clean,smooth and healthy. There is another way to reduce the shedding by using anti shedding shampoo and till date the most effective one is Shed X Shed Control Shampoo. Or you can just visit grooming saloon its totally upto you.

Keep in mind if you have sable german shepherd with long hair then you need to brush them daily other wise once a week is fine. To clean there teeth you can either brush their teeth to prevent gum disease and dental decay or you can just give them dental chews.

Last but not the least, check your pet ears daily because they catch dust very easily.

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Diet can be completely depends upon the age and weight of the dog. So always look for the ingredients first when you are buying any brand food for your dog.

3 things you should check when you are looking at the ingredients: 

  • High Protein
  • Average Carbs
  • Low Fat

For the puppy sable german shepherd 3-4 times a day is good and recommended until they become adult then reduce it to atleast twice a day.

As per the research Royal Canin Breed Health Dry Dog Food is one of the best among the other brands so its our suggestion is to use this one. If you are not satisfied with this dog food here’s another recommended one – CRAVE GRAIN FREE HIGH PROTEIN ADULT DRY DOG FOOD. But don’t let them play just after mealtime, there should be atleast 20 – 30 mins gap.

Just for simplicity let me narrow down the amount of food you need to feed in numbers, So that you don’t have to do the hard work. Its recommended that  you should feed 20 calories per lb of the body weight which may be around 1500-1600 calories a day. In short should give around 3 cups of food in a day. As sable german shepherd is big dog so their meal will also be large.

Try to avoid raw food for your dog and always go for the foods which has all the nutritions a dog needs to stay healthy and active.

Don’t give treats too frequently rather save them for the rewards only so that they can understand the importance of your instructions.


Sable german shepherd is really intelligent and active so its easy to train them. As they are first working dog in the history so its in their nature to learn something new. This breed really fast to adapt any new environment or any situations, they are very quick to response so its easy to guid them and teach them anything.

As they are really top notch about the energy level so they need atleast 60-90 minutes of exercise daily. However this will be different when they are babies so around 30 minutes of playtime is enough.

This breed is the best companion when its come to adventure or hikes. They are excellent swimmers too so take them with you when you going for swimming although they should still have doggy life vest on.

This breed can get bored easily. So try to keep them engage as much as possible otherwise if they don’t have enough mental stimulation they can will get frustated and become dangerous which is not what you want.

So try to keep all this things when you are opt in for sable german shepherd and you will be having one of the most amazing gift for yourself and your family.

Health issues

Sable german shepherd is healthy and active dog but they are liable to some common health issues, Some common health issues can be:

Minor issues

  • Allergies
  • Bloat
  • Thyroid issues

Major issues

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Gastric dilatation-volvulus
  • Cataract

when you are purchasing a sable german shepherd puppy, make sure is the mother is healthy and the breeder is well reputated.

To prevent them from hip or elbow dysplasia make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and high protein food. As your dog ages, it’s great to get them orthopedic pillow or bed to lay on as it will take the pressure from the joints.

Its really sad that larger the dog is, the shorter its lifespan is. Sable german shepherd tends to live upto 10 – 11 years only. So try to give them as much love as you can and protect them from any injuries.


What is the rarest type of German shepherd?

Purple German Shepherd also known as “Isabella-colored German Shepherds”.

What is the cost of sable German Shepherd?

You could have to spend $500 – $2000.

What are the best German Shepherd bloodlines?

American or western blood line as they worked most with the police and security. But German blood line for stable temperamental.

What is a sable German shepherd?

Sable refers to the color coat of the breed german shepherd. Usually german shepherd comes in 15 color and sable is one of them. You will be shocked to know that Sable is the original color of the german shepherd breed.

Where can i buy sable german shepherd online?

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