Silver Bengal Cat – Complete info you need to know

Silver Bengal cat is the rarest and the same time most fascinating domestic cat and can easily fit into any family with children. Silver is one of the colors of the Bengal breed cat. Because of the unusual and eye catchy marks in their color is loved by everyone. As there are more varieties of colors in Bengal cats so they can mix with anyone one of them and can create new shades of color which are remarking.


Silver Bengal Cat are the result of hybrid between Bengal and American shorthair feline in 1990. Due to inhibitory gene professionals considered silver as lack of color while other peoples have different opinion, According to some people silver color is separate and unique color.


By definition of The International Cat Association (TICA) Silver, Brown and Snow come under standard Bengal colors. Silver Bengal Cats can be marbled or spotted. They have light grey or in some cases almost white color with black or grey spots with black tip tail.

Their eye colors also come in 3 varieties:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Golden

Coat Colors of Bengal Cats

  • Brown
  • Silver
  • Snow
  • Blue
  • Cinnamon
  • Melanistic

Silver Bengal Cat Types

  • Silver Seal Lynx
  • Silver Seal Mink
  • Silver Seal Sepia

silver bengal cat

Personality and Training

Silver Bengal cat is very persistent when it’s come to demand. They will make it very clear what they need with their loud vocal and it might be difficult to control them without giving what they want. But they are very domestic and friendly by nature. They can be one of the best companions for your kids too. Just Like other breeds of cats Silver Bengal cat also likes to hunt and they are actually great at it. Most importantly you can’t take control of their hunting nature it’s just how they are and will be.

Silver Bengal Cat is very active so they need a good amount of exercise on a daily basis and mainly in the summer season. Surround your pet with furniture or things so that they can jump and play, it will keep them busy, happy and in top condition. You can also make a play area in your garden but keep the door close when you are training them at an early age.

NOTE: As an owner you need to train them from an early age itself for socializing with other pets because they are quite protective about their area and if they don’t allow any other pet inside the boundary then it will be quite difficult situation to handle.


Proper nutrition is very crucial for any pet to maintain its energy level and health. The first thing you need to understand is that there should be routine and timing for their feeding. There are tons of food brands for cats so either you can consult the breeder they will suggest you else you can search online for specific yet good quality food brands so let me do the hard work of finding the right food for your Silver Bengal Cat, So here are some great suggestions:

  • Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food
  • Royal Bengal Adult Dry Cat Food
  • Purina One Grain-Free classic Pate Recipe Wet Cat Food
  • Smalls Cat Food
  • Open Farm Wild-Caught Salmon Dry Cat Food

Food brands are a great deal but sometimes you need to mix their diet plan with some raw food so that they don’t get bored. Keep changing food items after a few months is very important. And what is better than raw meat,beef, fish, and lamb when it comes to complete nutrition with balance but they have to be fresh and not processed. Some Owners do the same mistake they give much protein to their cat to keep them healthy but high protien can lead to kidney stones so try to keep this things in check. My suggestion is ½ pound of feeding per day is enough for your cat.


Great news for the owner is that Silver Bengal Cat does not shed a lot in fact some people say that they do not shed at all but that is not true, they do but very minimal so you do not have to worry about shedding. But just like other cats this breed also groom itself on a frequent basis to keep its coat healthy and soft, and that is the main reason for low shading.

You must be thinking is that all right for “you” if they keep licking themselves the answer is “Yes” for silver bengal cat because they refer as hypoallergenic, unlike other cat breeds.

Silver Bengal Cat has a short coat size so no need to give grooming very often but 1 – 2 weeks gap is enough. Although they do shed more often in spring so keep brushing them more frequently in that period of time.

silver bengal cat

Full-grown silver Bengal cat size

Silver Bengal cat height can go around 14 – 16 inches and weight around 9 – 16 pounds or 4 – 7.25 kg. There are no such variations in height and weight with other Bengal cats apart from the unique color difference.

5 reasons to buy Silver Bengal Cat – (Pros)

  • They love other pets
  • They are fun to be around
  • Undying love for travel
  • Got a great attractive look with a personality and they are rare
  • Easily mix with childrens

5 reasons not to buy Silver Bengal Cat – (Cons)

  • Can be difficult to train
  • You can’t “untrain” their hunting nature just like most of the cat breeds hunting is there primary skill.
  • You need to give a lot of attention so if you are a working person so it might not be the good idea of having one.
  • They have certain health issues like HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), cataracts, PRA (Progressive retinal atrophy).
  • High Maintenance


How big do silver bengal cats get?

Silver Bengal cat height can go around 14 – 16 inches and weight around 9 – 16 pounds or 4 – 7.25 kg.

How much are silver bengal cats?

1400$ – 2500$ if you buy from a reputed breeder.

Are silver Bengal cats rare?

Yes, especially silver coat with grey spots or marbled is rare and unique in appearance.

What is the rarest color of Bengal cat?

Blue and Silver are the rarest color of bengal cat breed.

What is the personality of a silver Bengal cat?

This breed is actually very lovable and sociable if you train them from an early age. They can easily mix with family with children.

How long do Silver Bengals live?

The lifespan of silver or any other bengal breed is 13 – 16 years and they can live longer with proper care, food and exercise.

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